Welcome to The Delta Saloon via the Bonanza Saloon & Café

The Bonanza Saloon & Cafe is an American restaurant. It is located at 27 C St in Virginia City, NV 89440.

The volatile soul of Virginia City strikes again, this time victimizing the historic Delta Saloon. In March 2019, a “catastrophic explosion” destroyed much of the Delta Saloon. Explosions are not unfamiliar in the town’s history, nor devastation within the Saloon. The Delta housed the “Suicide Table”, a gambling table that wrecked the luck of several men and ultimately lead to their death by suicide. The table was protected in the recent explosion and now resides across the street at the Bonanza Saloon and Café, a haven…for now. The Delta insists it will be back to operations in no time, and if what they say about Virginia City is true, we believe the spirit of the saloon will never depart.

This property changed ownership in October 2014 after over 50 years, to Virginia City Gaming. Led by the owner, "Doc" Malfitano and his incredible crew.